For a better partnership :

The Director General of TOTAL Senegal, along with his partners visited Dakar-Pétroles’ Customs Offices on Friday October 14th, 2016.

The Head of the said Offices, Lieutenant-colonel Amadou BA DIATTA, welcomed the delegation along with the head of inspection, the head of units, the head of squads and the heads of oil tankers’s units.

During his welcome speach, the Head of the Offices expressed is gratitude for the honor made to his services throughout this visit. He then presented the different offices in Dakar-Pétroles, and recalled the great contribution made by TOTAL Senegal to the Customs Revenue, as well as the strong bond that exists between the company and the said customs’ office.

Afterwards, Total Senegal’s Director General expressed his satisfaction for the visit and recalled the place of the Customs in their activities. The customs plays the role of a facilitator, and represents a key structure in the international supply chain. He invited Dakar-Pétroles Offices to strenghthened the existing relationship, and to continuously solve any issue that could be raised within their relationship. Therefore, the opportunity was taken to go through all existing preoccupations on both sides.

On all the raised issues, both parties took the engagement to take the appropriate measures to solves them as soon as possible, for a stronger collaboration.