The Nioro Mobile Customs Brigade Officers, Kaolack Subdivision, seized 4,000 boxes of injectable Artemether containing 10 vials each, for a total of 40,000 vials.  The seizure took place in the fields between Nioro and Taïba Niassène, on Thursday, October 1st, 2020. Traffickers took advantage of the development of seedlings to hide counterfeit drugs in plantations. But customs’ intelligence with the collaboration of populations allowed to take off these products from the consumption circuit. The drugs are estimated at nearly 30 million CFA francs.
Artemether Injection is an antimalarial used to treat severe forms of malaria. When used illegally, it can have harmful consequences for the health of populations. While Senegal has made tremendous efforts to control malaria, easy-going individuals are trying to introduce drugs in areas like the center of the country.
Customs, as part of its security mission, is determined to fight the illicit economy maintained by drug trafficking; and this, in support of public health policies and services of the Ministry of Health and Social Action.

Senegal Customs