Chairing the International Customs Day 2019, the Minister of Budget, Birima Mangara, encouraged the general Director of Customs to continue the modernization of the Customs’ administration so that it always play its role fully “for more secure borders”.

Chairing the International Customs Day 2019, The Ministre of Budget has praised the women and men that work with bravery and  self-sacrifice in the customs. He invited the general Director to continue the modernization of customs services. « You have all my support to achieve an efficient and coordinated border management which constitutes, without no doubt, a crucial input to successfully reach the economic development of our country, whose implementation of smart and secure borders represent a major driver», declared Birima Mangara the boss of the soldiers of the economy.

For M. Mangara, the concept of SMART borders, this year’s theme, aims at focusing on the role of Customs in the rise of a more competitive the economy, which provides jobs et creates wealth, by getting rid of all obstacles which are restraining the freedom to go on come for people and goods. Therefore, he outlined the major steps noticed, in matters of technology, through the ongoing achievement of the digitisation process for customs formalities, which represents a successful partnership between public and private agencies specifically with the partnership of  GIE GAINDE 2000.Birima Mangara also praised the vision and the initiatives implemented for the connexion of the whole of the customs units. Such actions, he says, contribute to raise the rank of our country in matters of international best practices for electronic procedures and to provide users with a reliable and quality based service. However, notices the Ministre, within the construction of  SMART borders, «The security challenges that goes along with all technological process, interests the customs and other Forces of Defence and Security in the required conciliation of the right balance between security and facilitation of Trade people and goods».Finally, M. Mangara seized the opportunity of the celebration of this  day to congratulate the soldiers of the economy « who distinguished theirselves in executing the service, and who, by their commitment, provided us with great satisfaction».


Enfin, M. Mangara a saisi l’opportunité de la célébration de cette journée pour féliciter les soldats de l’économie « qui se sont illustrés dans l’exécution du service, et qui, par leur dévouement, nous ont valu énormément de satisfaction ».