Diplomats and similar organizations, as well as certain natural persons or companies, may apply for an exemption certificate for their imports.

Who can initiate the process?

  • Diplomats or similar organizations
  • The ordinary citizen on an exceptional basis as well as companies or business benefiting from a treaty or an agreement giving it a right of exemption for its operation or as part of an investment or a contract awarded by the state exempted from rights.

What are the documents to provide?

  • A verbal note addressed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • A completed exemption claim form
  • Pro forma document or invoice of the imported object
  • A ministerial letter granting the exemption
  • A copy of the agreement or contract
  • An invoice of the object or the list of objects or materials to be exonerated.

What is the cost?

The process is free but the print of the title must be purchased from the House of Trade, Industry and Agriculture of Dakar (CCIAD).

What is the nature of the delivered item?

A title of exemption.

What is the delivery time?

2 days.

What to do in case of loss or theft?

Make a statement and renew the procedure.

Where to go?

Directorate of Facilitation and Partnership with the Enterprise of the Directorate General of customs

Address: Block of Madeleines, Avenue Peytavin x Boulevard of the Republic

Tel: 33 839 00 00 Email: spdgd@douanes.sn

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