Any natural or legal person may request and obtain a certificate of consumption to register a motor vehicle, following importation.

Who can apply?

Any natural or legal person who has regularly imported a motor vehicle of a declaration of residence for sale duly registered and domiciled at level of a competent Customs Office. It’s the same for everyone else physical, moral or body benefiting from a preferential regime or exempt from payment duties and taxes.

When can I apply?

At any time, on working days and at the legal opening hours of the offices

What are the documents to provide?

  • A copy of the declaration in detail
  • A verification certificate issued by the Criminal Investigations Division of the Directorate of Judicial Police
  • The original gray card

What is the cost?


What is the nature of the delivered item?

A certificate of release for consumption drawn up, signed jointly by the verifier who processed the accounting in detail, the visit leader and the head of the customs office.

NB: The said document is recorded in a register and transmitted in closed circuit to the chief of the regional road transport service of Dakar.

What is the delivery time?

About 1 day

Where to go?

– Customs Office of Dakar Port SUD

– Dakar Customs Office Port NORTH

For more information…

– Regional Directorate of Customs of the Port

– Directorate of Customs Operations

Customs Headquarters.

Address: Block of Madeleines, Avenue Peytavin x Boulevard of the Republic

Tel: 33 839 00 00 Email: