“We target to reach 50% of scanners at the Port of Dakar and in our different gateways”

Senegal’s Customs Director General, Papa Ousmane GUEYE,inaugurated the mobile scanner of Rosso on on Wednesday November 30, 2016. This is the third scanner installed by the State of Senegal after those of the autonomous port of Dakar and Kidira thanks to the collaboration of COTECNA. Papa Ousmane GUEYE has also announced the establishment in a short time of the scanners of Maina Moussala and in other gateways in order to better ensure the control of all that enters the country.

The Association of Agroindustries of the Senegal River Valley (Vallagri) has initiated a capacity building workshop in order for its ressources to better understand customs regulation and preferential customs regimes that are granted by the Senegalese Customs. The workshop opened on Thursday, December 1st 2016 with the effective presence of Papa Ousmane GUEYE, General Director of Customs.