As the Unified version of GAINDE INTEGRAL was launched, training are still undergoing targetting stakeholders of the platform, Forwarders, TReasury and Customs agents.

These training sessions have been resume since this Monday September 3rd at The Customs Information System Directorate.

As for customs agents, the first to benefit from the training are the auditors, the Heads of clearance sections, Heads of inspections,  Head of clearance office and sub-divisions. As a matter of fact, those agents are key actors of the clearance process and are frontline agents, dealing directly with clients through the platform. 

Those trainings are central to a good control of clearance, but mostly increases the performance of GAINDE thanks to arisen discussions between developers and users of the platform. The discussions are essential to the performance of the system that aims at a continuous improvement. 

In the near future, other users are going to take advantage of the training for a better implementation of the changes that new version has brought.