Eighteen kilos of methamphetamine, a synthetic drug, worth 2 billion 574 million CFA francs were caught nearby Linguère by the Customs unit of DIAMA, information filled by commander Ousseynou FAYE, Head of the Customs regional subdivision of Saint-Louis.  

It was by means of an efficient intelligence system that the salt-tax collectors finally succeeded in bypassing the dealers’ subterfuge, dealers who manage to process this hard drug into pills.  

A couple of months ago, the same men from the DIAMA unit, under the supervision of Lieutenant Sidy FALL, had stopped a convoy holding illicit drugs, vets products and  aphrodisiac worth 30 million CFA francs.  

The Customs will maintain its watch, says Commander FAYE, following the insstructions of its Director General. The Customs demands the population « to cope with us regarding the efforts we bring so that these products do not fall into the domestic market ». 

SOURCE : http://www.dakaractu.com/

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