Senegal’s Customs Administration, because of the great role it has in the economical and social development of the country, is a high level elite corps. 

Part of this noble mission that it bears, and because its personnel needs to stay efficient and successful, agents need to be relieved of certain social issues, this aspect was organized and reinforced. The Customs Administration has always encourage sports activities in its whole and within its organization. This in each existing unit in the Dakar Region. The competitions’ finals, especially for specific discipline, are chaired by the Director general itself. 

The Customs Sports Association was born from the love of soprts that agents have always had, in 1980. The Association has become a symbole of the entire administration in all the stadium of the country, and beyond. The goal through the creation of this SA was to rise the image of the Customs corps and reinforce the bonds between the customs’ agents (whatever the rank) of understanding, fellowship and civilian solidarity. 

One must bear in mind that the Customs Sports Association is a paramilitary unit that integrates young senegalse in its defferent sports clubs : football, basket-ball, athlecisme. This in conformity with the STATUT which states that the Administration, through the help of sports, will participate to support and educate the senegalese youth.