Cumulated rates :


  • Broken rice, whole rice, rice between the two qualities, husked rice whitened or semi whitened, even polished or semi cold:  12,7%;
  • Unbroken rice : 7,7% ;


  • Fresh or cooled down: 42, 7 %( with a surtax of 20 %) 
  • Seed Potatoes : 7,70%.


  • Edible onions: 42,7% (with a surtaxes of 20 %) ;
  • Onions for seed : 7,7


The customs’ clearance of this product is being done in the customs’ offices of  North Dakar-Port , South Dakar-Port  and Dakar-Yoff

Because of a 10% TCI and a price release of 201.400 F CFA per ton metric, these are the following applicable rates:

  • When the CAF value is equal or beyond the price of release : 44,48%(plate of taxes and duties remains the CAF value);
  • When the CAF value is less than the price release :54,48%(the plate of taxes and duties corresponding to the price release in place and place of CAF value);

The Paste Tomato packaged and intended for detailed sale

This production is also submitted to a 10% TIC and with a price release of 964 CFA/KN.

Consequently, cumulated rates are established as followed:

  • When the CAF value is equal or above to the price release : 44,48%(plate of duties and taxes remains the CAF value);
  • If the CAF value is smaller than the price release : 54,48%(the plate of taxes and duties 54,48% (the plate of duties and taxes corresponding to the price release in the place of CAF value)  

Note :

  • The safety standard NS 03 036 of August 1994 prohibits any addition of artificial coloring, thickeners, sapidity agents, sweeteners or preservative agents. 
  • The name and address of the producer or exporter, importer or distributor should be mentioned clearly on the documents joined of the customs’ clearance file.
  • The name of the country the product comes from should be clearly visible on the packages if missing it can abuse consumers’ trust.
  • Dates of manufacturing and preemption should be systematically stamped on the tin

Refined and vegetable oils

The cumulated rate of taxes and duties applied to refined and vegetable oils refer to 44, 48 % (the plate of taxes and duties being fixed by the CAF value).


The enrichment of comestible refined with vitamin A and flour mixed with iron and folic acid from now on obligatory around all the national territory.By then, customs’ declarations related to comestible and refined oils, and that made of flour must be with a declaration of importation of food products (DIPA) delivered by the Direction of National Trade. Otherwise, there will be on pain of unacceptability. The declaration should justify the conformity to norms.