The Senegalese customs has always been responsible for the collect of taxes and duties on the importation goods as well as the application of some measures of control in Foreign Trade, traffic, and the fighting against smuggling. The customs’ administration has four missions: 

– A fiscal mission: the collect of duties and taxes;
– An economic role: creating an environment that favors activities of production and licit trade;
Assistance of other administrations;
Security and facilitation: protecting the borders and the international supply chain.

The Customs assistance to other public administrations:

  • Ministry of Economy and Finance

– Assistance in the liquidation of TVA.

  • Ministry of Public Health

– Controlling illegal traffic of pharmaceutical products or those from animal or vegetal species;
– Assistance to health and salubriousness services;
– Struggle against illegal traffic of organs.

  • Ministry of Environment

– Phytosanitary regulation;
– Struggle against wastes and dangerous products.

  • Ministry  of the Interior

– Assistance to the Direction of Public Safety by controlling the traffic of weapons and munitions;
– The customs get people to respect rules of quality, packaging, metrology and marking or labels.

  • Ministry of Culture 

– Fight against pornography and pedophilia: opposing to the import of pornographic movies and all obscene publication;
– Protection of literary and artistic ownership by getting people to respect laws on ownership.

  • Ministry of Industry, mine resources and craft industry

-Protection of industrial ownership: the Senegalese customs stands against unfair trade (counterfeit, fake brands, etc

New tools of management and acquisition 

  • Creation of the Office of Public Relations and Communication;
  • Activation of a free-phone allowing to bring attention to some technical faults an effective communication;
  • Creation of the Department of Facilitation and Partnership with Enterprises;
  • Portable and desk scan tools for a better control of containers, goods and luggages, more suitable packaging through X-Rays;
  • a website: ;
  • a highly performing computer system ;