New Assets in the Customs’ administration

Major reforms are undertaken in the customs’ service in order to face present and future challenges and to fit to the present environment hence the relevancy of the new Decree N°7282 of 30 July 2009.

In a new environment characterized by intensification of trade,new forms of criminalities, the necessity to contribute to the extensionof Dakar’sport; the reinforcement of the customs’ administration at the regional level and the implementation of an optimal management policy of human, financial and technical resources, become important.

Basis of the new organizational framework for a better management:

  • the optimum coordination of actions of the service with the creation of the coordinator as the assistant of the Head officer;
  • the establishment of a Direction responsible for Facilitation and Partnership with Companies(DFPE) to promote and reinforce the facilitation of procedures and partnership with companies;
  • A better mastering of human, material and financial resourcesincluding the management, material maintenance and the rationalization of customs surveillance.