On Saturday, November 28


, 2020 the Customs Mobile Brigade officers of Tambacounda seized a 458 kg ton of Indian hemp.
The seizure was carried out around 6 p.m. at the fixed roadblock of the said Brigade in Dialocoro, on a Malian refrigerated truck bound for Dakar.
The delinquents set up a special hiding place by installing a false bottom wall to hide the product packaged in 35 bales. The driver was apprehended and placed at the disposal of the Justice.
With this new catch and that carried out in Kidira and covering 1376Kg, the Customs Subdivision of Tambacounda made two large seizures of nearly three (03) tons of Indian hemp in a month. Above this 1076 kg of "yamba" was seized too, a month earlier in Koumpentoum.
These recurring seizures on the Corridor and in the center of the country resulted from the implementation of innovative surveillance strategies initiated by the Customs Administration. They translated into "punch" operations, "special Covid-19" operations and coordinated border management.
Senegalese Customs reaffirm their commitment and determination to combat transnational organized crime in all its forms.