On Saturday August 15th, 2020 at 4.30 am, the Karang Customs Commercial Brigade, Fatick Subdivision, Central Customs Region, intercepted 177 kg of Indian hemp near Karantaba, not far from Karang in the Foundiougne department. 

The seizure resulted from a chase between Customs’ officials and traffickers aboard a cart. In this ordeal, the delinquents ended up fleeing, dropping out their cart and the load of drugs, in the millet fields.

The inventory revealed that Indian hemp was packaged in 7 packages for a total of 177 Kg. During this rainy season, traffickers use wetlands, swamps and farms to bypass customs’ barriers and surveillance unsuccessfully. Customs officials’ determination and strategies developed by the Administration in border areas were right on these traffickers.

Thus dismantling networks and corridors of international drugs trafficking and prohibited products remain a key mission in the battlefield.