On Tuesday, June 16th, 2020, at 5 p.m., the Dialadiang Customs’ officers in Vélingara department (Kolda region) stopped a truck carrying fake medicines worth 72 million CFA francs. More than 11,000 boxes of various drugs were conveyed by the traffickers in specially hiding places of the truck. The operation took place 90km from Vélingara, precisely at Dialadiang, the 2nd border post between Senegal and the Republic of Guinea after Kalifourou.
It is the same customs’ unit that had recently discovered counterfeit medicines worth 131 million CFA francs in the inner bottom of another truck.
The Velingara Customs unit is carrying out special Covid-19 operations accordingly to the three fronts initiated by the Customs Authorities. It concerns border surveillance with the two Guineas and The Gambia, as well as strict application of COVID-19 response measures.
Moreover, in these areas, the movements of the populations were contained with more than 400 people turned away. Thanks to a health and safety system, in which the Customs’ services played its role in a remarkable way according to the administrative authority of the department.

Source: Senegal Customs