Once again the Fatick Customs’ Subdivision stands out in the fight against drug trafficking. On Friday 8th May, 2020, the Karang Customs’ Commercial Brigade seized 64 kg of Indian hemp and 6 packages of chicken legs. This seizure resulted from an operation carried out in Fatala Park. It took place after a three-day spinning of a dealer operating in the area, aboard his Nissan brand vehicle, minibus type. The prohibited goods were carefully hidden under the hood in the engine and under the vehicle front’ seats. The conveyor was stopped and the investigation is underway. In one week, this customs’ unit seized 124 kg of Indian hemp. The total quantity  was 231 kg in the same period by the Fatick Customs Subdivision. This operation took place within the framework of the Covid-19 special operations, launched by the Senegalese Customs.

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