As a response against the Coronavirus, the Senegal Customs joins the national solidarity momentum through donations,  awareness raising and prevention in accordance with the National Committee in charge of Epidemics (CNGE) and the President’s instructions, His Excellency President Macky Sall.

In addition to its contribution to the National Budget, which serves for all State expenditures, including health initiatives and response to epidemics, the Customs’ Administration gave a contribution to support the Committee responsible for collecting donations and the Albert Royer Children’s Hospital. A donation, composed of health equipments and a financial support, was handed to this Committee.
The said donation brought together the contributions of: the “Amicale des Inspecteurs et officiers de la Douane (AIOD), the Customs Officers’ Association for Mutual Aid for Umrah and Pilgrimage (AEADOP) and a contribution taken from the charitable fund. The Ministry of Health and Social Action received this donation on Saturday March 21st, 2020 at 12:30 p.m.
Other actions undertaken internally
In liaison with the comptetent authorities, the Customs General Directorate has set all his units in alert in order to ensure strict compliance with medical instructions given by health personnel in reponse to the coronavirus.
Also, an awareness campaign lead by the Office for Social Cultural and Sports affairs is being implemented. The campaign targets Customs staff in general and front line Units’ staff in particular, who are permanently exposed to people and goods.
These agents have been given individual protective equipments and are ordered to respect experts’ recommendations by popularizing good practices in Customs’ Units and within their families.
In addition, the Customs’ General Directorate planned to set up remote working measures to minimize human contact between the different services.
Therefore, Customs will mostly rely on digital platforms developed by its IT Systems Department and on all other available e-working solutions. Moreover, the physical presence of users will be sharply reduced by optimizing the dematerialization of customs clearance procedures.
The Customs Administration invites users and partners to comply to the taken measures by using GAINDE messaging, instant messaging, phone and customs email
The Customs Social & Medical Center, located in Colobane in Dakar, which has greatly integrated the response system,is also mobilized  to provide  awareness-raising, support and assistance services.
As part of its mission of assistance, the Customs’ Administration provides daily support to the Ministry responsible for Health and Social Action through donations to health structures, the fight against illicit trafficking of medicines and the control of health standards at borders, to name but a few.

Source : Senegal Customs

Translation: Ndèye fatim SECK