Notice to Customs’ partners  for practical arrangements to take in the Covid-19 context.


Accordingly to recommendations from health professionals and under instructions from the Head of Customs, any staff whose absence will not impact on the service is asked to stay at home until further notice.


This implies an internal reorganization of services but also a perfect understanding of the partners that you are.



As far as the new organization of its services is concerned : From Monday, March 23rd 2020 the Customs Administration will start to work remotely in order to minimize contact within its services. Therefore, our administration will rely on all digital platforms developed by the IT Systems Department and all other available e-working solutions that exists in Senegal.



This calls for an adaptation on your behalf, by reducing physical presence in customs services to the strict minimum, including in Customs units and by optimizing the dematerialization of clearance procedures. In so doing, Customs Brokers have to appoint representatives who will be relays in case of physical visits for examples.


The Customs Administrations invites users and partners to comply to the taken measures by using GAINDE messaging, instant messaging, phone and customs email.


 Under the leadership of the Ministry of Finance and Budget, the Customs General Directorate expresses its solidarity to the whole of the Senegalese people and especially to health services staff.


I call on everyone’s watchfulness and responsibility in order to deal with this exceptional situation.


Customs General  Director