Demba SECK joined the WCO experts as a technical advisor and trainer


The Chief Customs Inspector, Demba SECK, currently Internal Controller at the General Directorate, precisely at the Internal Control Department, now hold the World Customs’ Organization Accreditation Certificate in the field of Revenue files & Rules of Origin.


Mr. Demba SECK owes this consecration to the quality of his participation in the regional workshop on preferential rules of origin for the least developed English-speaking countries. This regional workshop was held in Mombassa, Kenya, from December 03 to December 06th, 2019.


In a thanking note addressed to Senegal Customs General Director, the WCO Secretary General, Mr. Kunio Mikuriya, presented Mr. SECK as a technician who “showed a high degree of technical expertise and a good capacity to work with the participants ensuring that all their questions were examined in depth and the required answers given to them “, He added that Demba SECK presented in a satisfactory manner a large number of modules of the program, including courses with confidence and ease, by sharing its regional and national experiences in the matter ”.


These skills and qualities have earned Mr. Demba SECK to be kept in the WCO database as a Technical Advisor and Accredited Trainer Expert in the field of Recipes (Rules of Origin). Since January 2020, Demba SECK hold the Accreditation Certificate of the World Customs Organization, in the area of ​​the Folder recipes, rules of origin.


In the following picture, Chief Inspector Demba Seck (in blue in the middle) stands with the participants of the workshop that took place in Mombassa (Kenya)






L’Inspecteur principal Demba Seck (en bleu au milieu) en compagnie des participants à l’atelier de Mombassa (Kenya)