On Friday November 29th, 2019, the elements of the Kedougou mobile brigade, seized, during a road check, two elephant tusks of a total weight of 11.5 kg from Mali and conveyed by an apprentice on a bus chartered by a foreign private transport company. After the discovery, a controlled delivery operation was carried out successfully thanks to a perfect coordination and pooling resources of the services of the customs subdivision of Kédougou, the Bureau of Criminal Investigations and Drugs from the Intelligence and Customs Investigation Department under the supervision of the Kédougou Prosecutor’s Office.
This operation allowed to apprehend and arrest the real recipient in Dakar. The market value of the elephant tusks seized is estimated at 18,830,000 CFA francs. The two defendants had been handed to justice. This seizure, illustrates again the commitment of the Senegal Customs for the respect of the provisions of the Convention on international Trade of Washington concerning Fauna and Flora, with species threatened with Extinction.