Next to Dakar, Saint-Louis holds the second position in terms of customs revenue and taxes collection. Training officers on main customs clearance IT tools and equip them with internal communication means become crucial to be more operational and efficient.
The training session held in Saint-Louis aimed at being in tune with advanced technologies and faced challenges such as fraud and transnational organized crime….
It was intended to 31 officers of operating in Saint-Louis, Matam and Louga customs ’services.
Eventually, they will be fully computerized offices for customs clearance. A drastic time saving service for users, more speed and efficiency in providing services for a more sophisticated collection of customs revenue constituted main advantages, said the head of regional executive, Alioune Aïdara Niang, during the opening ceremony.
“Within the framework of modernizing customs’ services, we have to include regions too.
That is to create same conditions and guarantees to offer same services following the example of Dakar.
Implementing the computerized system so that officers can perform the customs’ clearance electronically, and then allow them to quickly apply memoranda and new authorities’ policies”, said the Director of customs information systems, Alioune Dione.
In a second stage, another group of officers will be trained. Alongside the GAINDE system, the national customs information file and the risk analysis platform, officers were also sensitized on the customs messaging system, intranet, among others, to improve our communication level.