Drugs importation in Senegal, intended to public and private health structures, must be controlled. It is then subjected to validation of the Directorate of Pharmacy and Medicine (DPM), headed by Professor Amadou Moctar Dièye.

“Even drugs donations must be authenticated by presenting a request and, if stakeholders respect rules, any flaw can defeat norms,” explained Professor Diéye, while interviewed by Senegal Press Agency.

ORBUS 2000 system, the single window platform for foreign trade and facilitation and procedures, is used for drugs’ importations. Different stakeholders can communicate through this platform, he explained.

”Even drugs donations or any other imported medicine referring to the DPM must be issued by Senegal customs’ in of products’ importation, he noted, ”.

In short, customs are not allowed yet the importation of drugs without an authorization of the DPM, noted Professor Dièye,

”The same procedure is used by the National Pharmacy Supplier (PNA) which, if it has drugs at the Port, they show to Customs a DPM authorization as required for clearance ‘‘,he said.

Moreover, the entry of morphine for therapeutic purposes is subject to authorization from the DPM, explained Professor Dièye.