People rushed to the Customs’ entry exam, one of the most prestigious national one. From 100,000 expected candidates, only 395 lucky elected will be chosen.


This high record participation resulted from the setting up online registration. This innovation allow facilitating candidates’ registration, with a complete flexibility in the monitoring.


In 2015, 33,000 candidates were registered and just 617 kept accordingly to available places, including 165 reserved for professionals or customs officers.


Three years later, the government decided to carry on recruitment and training program in favor of the Customs Administration. Thus, since last Monday, registrations started for the entrance competition at Customs’ services.


The registration process is improved in the 2018 edition. Therefore candidates will be able to register online and then follow up their files. This innovation allowed also flexibility and transparency.


Besides, customs authorities want to give a chance to candidates living in the farthest regions of Senegal.


We expected the margin 70,000 to 100,000. “We are sure that the entry exam will meet or go up to 100,000 registrations regarding the online registration”, argued a customs officer and member of the organization committee.


All in all, 395 candidates have been called to cross many “customs barriers” and succeed in. Organizers decide to be selective, rigorous and transparent. Many of them will be patented, graduates, masters, PHDs and other cartouchards yearn to join the prestigious Administration. Even many people, from abroad, can register online and travel to pass the examination in the fold.