On March 21st , 2018, the Ministry of Trade, Consumer Affairs, the Informal Sector and SMEs, organized a workshop sensitizing on the Senegal Trade Portal, within the context of WTO, Agreement on Trade Facilitation implementation in Senegal;

After expressing his pleasure of participating in his work, the Minister’s Cabinet Director opened the Workshop by welcoming the all participants. This is followed by an important message he conveyed:

According to Article 1.1 all stakeholders must have access to information about trade.

This project is implemented while Senegal ratified the Agreement on Trade Facilitation in 2016. In fact, facilitating and developing exchanges, aiming to make the trading environment more transparent for Senegalese and international actors, are the main purpose of this trade portal. It presents all involved administrations and aims at making access to trade information in real time.

I salute the presence of Health Administration, represented by the Directorate of Medicine, the Customs’ Administration, and the Foreign Trade Department, among others.
The portal will gather information on trade agreements, tariffs, importation, exportation and transit procedures.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the US Department of State for Trade, USAID, GIE GAINDE 2000, Nathan & Associates and the administrations present in this workshop.”

This portal needs your support, and the commitment of each focal point for updated information and then helping for a good operation.

As a one-stop shop, all information will be available on this platform. It’s of being set for online transactions or transactions, but a trade portal.

This after this, a presentation on Agreement on Trade Facilitation has been done. In so doing, four measures have been highlighted: publications (content must be available), the availability of information via Internet, information points, and notifications too.

Stakeholders must signed a Memorandum of Understanding to feed the Portal and then allowing the free flow of information.