All imported/exported good must be covered by a customs declaration in order to proceed to the necessary verification and, if required, apply the duties and taxes (clearance).

Who should declare?

Private persons and legal persons who import or export products.
If the amount is subordinate or equal to 200000 FCFA: it is the owner himself.
If the amount is higher or equal to 200000 FCFA: the approved customs brokers (freight forwarders) or legal persons (companies) who benefit from an exceptional clearance authorization for themselves.

When should a clearance be asked for?

When the product is imported or exported.

Which documents should be submitted therefore?

  • Merchandise’s bill ;
  • Note of Detail ;
  • Paking list ;
  • bill of lading, LTA, consignment letter (marine transport, air transport,
  • land transport) ;
  • the insurance.

NB: in case no bill is presented, customs services estimate the amount of the product. In case of dispute, the owner can ask for a counter-evaluation from an approved expert.

Depending on the case, other documents can be asked for, such as:

  • the certificate of origin ;
  • exchange certificate or exchange commitment (import/export) ;
  • cargo tracking note (case of transport by sea, go to COSEC);
  • phytosanitary certificate ;
  • prior declaration to import food product (DIPA) ;
  • CITES permits for animal products or plant products that are subject to environmental ;
  • protection  by the said convention ;
  • fumigation certificate ;
  • health certificate ;
  • import/export annual authorization for gold ;
  • import prior declaration ;
  • certificate of value ;
  • declaration of the value items (DEV)
  • etc.

What is the issue period ?

2 days within the responsible services.

Where to turn ?

To a freight forwarder or the responsible customs office.

For more information…

Ask the Customs Headquarters.
Office of  Public Relations & Communication
Address : Bloc des Madeleines, Avenue Peytavin x Boulevard de la République
Phone : 33 839 00 00 – Email: