The Special Temporary Admission (ATS) is the customs regime by which any legal or private person can import, for a certain period of time, free of all taxes and duties and with the authorization of customs general Director, a particular category of goods mentioned in the second paragraph of the Order 13717 MEFP/DGD/DRCI from July 14th 2015. The said Order lays down the conditions to access the special temporary admission regime.

Who can ask for a Special Temporary Admission?

  • any private person who stays in Senegal temporarily in the frame of a treaty or cooperation agreement
  • any legal person or businessman, investor

When should a Special Temporary Admission be asked for?

In the case of import :

  • of goods from companies mentioned in the list of the Annex II which determines the payback period (longevity), in the case that the said material is intended to serve public work which incontestably is of public utility.
  • of industrial material or intended to other use, subject to rent services, trade benefit or industrial purpose.
  • of material for construction site, new or second-hand, imported by Senegalese companies, not working in public utility construction, and whose amount is equal or higher to 50 million francs CFA.

NB: necessary devices in order to make the materials that are granted the regime work, and which are imported along with the said material that benefit from the ATS, even if, by Tariff Law, they must be declared separately under other categories.

The following are excluded from the regime, materials intended for civil engineering imported by companies working for public work that are of public utility, and whose amount if new is lower than 5 million francs CFA. (they can be released under the Exceptional Temporary Regime)

Also are excluded from the Regime of the Special Temporary Admission, parts and pieces as well as substitute implements.

What are the required documents?

  • an application to be granted the regime, signed by the applicant, submitted to the customs general Director, which should, so not to be rejected, indicate and  include :
    • The applicant’s name and address ;
    • a document justifying the reason for the import of the merchandise (market, contract, treaty or any other document serving as)
  • any document that can help to evaluate the payback period (technical documentation etc…) and the value of the goods in francs CAF (service provider bill, Freight bill, insurance…)
  • for renting materials, the application must include the rental agreement validly signed as well as customs documents for export from the country of origin. This contract must notify, along with the rate of the rent, the true rate of the material and the period for rental.

What is the name of the released document?

An agreement note.

What is the period of issuance?

48 hours.

How to renew?

An extension or renewal application, supported by  all the necessary evidence (delay in executing the work, site change, extension of the site…), submitted to the customs general Director:

– the renewal application as to be introduced after each year end until the maximum authorized stay period in ATS is reached.

– the extension application is introduced after the period authorized by Law

What to do in case of loss of theft ?

Report the loss. If the loss complaint holds the ATS references, the person will be provided with a copy of the Temporary Admission. In the other case, the person will have to go through the procedure again for another document to replace the lost one.

Where to turn ?

Directorate of Facilitation and Partnership with the Company, at the Customs Headquarters

For more information…

Customs Headquarters

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Address: Bloc des madeleines, Avenue Peytavin x Boulevard de la République

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