The Ministry in charge of financial affairs can, by decrees, authorize operations of Exceptional Temporary Admission.

The Exceptional Temporary Admission is the customs regime that allows to receive on the territory of the customs duty free and tax free imported products intended to be e-exported as it is, after a determined period.

Who can ask for an Exceptional Temporary Admission ?

  • Any Legal or private person ;
  • Any foreigner willing to establish temporarily on the Senegalese customs’ territory.

When is the Exceptional Temporary Admission asked for?

It is asked for in case of import of:

  • products for trial, experiences, fairs or exhibition and products defined in the frame of international convention ;
  • empty packings intended to be re-exported filled ;
  • filled packings intended to be re-exported empty or filled with products different from what they contained ;
  • tourist’ vehicles not intending to make business on the customs’ territory ;
  • having an exceptional and individual character and not likely to be extended;
  • vehicles of technical support personnel, of diplomatic missions, of international organization, non-governmental organization and for which a convention expressly provides the Benefit of the Exceptional Temporary Admission.

NB : coaches, buses, motorized vehicles intended for commercial use, trucks, vans, trailers, tractors particularly, are not subject to benefit from the Exceptional Temporary Admission, except for treaty provisions otherwise.

Some packings taken up in the Annex of Order 13713 of july 14th 2015 are not included, Except those made in Senegal under the said Regime and those imported filled and intended to ber e-exported empty or filled with local products.

Which documents should be provided?

The request to be granted ETA regime, signed by the applicant, is addressed to the customs general Director and, in order not to be rejected, should indicate as the case may be the following:

  • the applicant’s name and address copies of Identity documents of the legal/private person (passeport, residency permit, diplomatic passeport)
  • business name of the company
  • Documents that help rate the value of the merchandise (bill, note value, registration document, etc)
  • the travel ticket and other seaworthiness/airworthiness documents (bill of lading, Air way bill (LTA), driving permit, overflight approval of the aircraft, seaworthiness certificate of the vessel or any document serving as navigability proof)
  • storage for merchandises covered by a movement certificate a document justifying the reason for the import of goods (contract, treaty or any document serving as navigability proof)

How much does it cost?

It is free.

What is the name of the delivered document ?

An agreement note.

What is the period of issuance?

48 hours.

How to renew it ?

the renewal is made each year by the technical support staff, Diplomatic mission, international organization and NGO’s for whom A treaty provides the benefit of the Temporary Admission.

  • No renewal is required for vehicles authorized to drive temporarily, for tourists : the goods must be re-exported after their stay which cannot exceed 6 months in temporary admission regimes.
  • however,  on request from the applicants, those vehicles can be released for home use on prior authorization from the Customs general Director, provided all measures concerning the age limitation of imported vehicles, bicycles and motorcycles laid down by the decree 2001-72 from June 26th is respected, and also the decree 2012-444 from April 12th bringing modification to the same subject.

What to do in the event of theft ?

Report the loss. If the loss complaint holds the ETA references, the person will be provided with a copy of the Temporary Admission. In the other case, the person will have to go through the procedure again for another document to replace the lost one.

Where to turn ?

Directorate of Facilitation and Partnership with the Company, at the Customs Headquarters,

For more information…

Ministry of Economy, Finance and Planning.

Customs Headquarters, Address : Bloc des madeleines, Avenue Peytavin x Boulevard de la République

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