SENEGAL AND BISSAU-GUINEAN CUSTOMS COOPERATION: a training session opening for 90 Bissau-Guinean Customs officers

SENEGAL AND BISSAU-GUINEAN CUSTOMS COOPERATION: a training session opening for 90 Bissau-Guinean Customs officers

Senegal Customs brought their support strengthening the operational capacities of their Bissau-Guinean colleagues. In fact, a training session intended for 90 Bissau-Guinean officers in Bissau, officially opened on September 14th, 2020. The workshop will ended on October 2nd. Technical services and officials of the fiscal action squad are targeted in this training among others. Among modules, one can note:

  • Customs as an integrated part of the national defense system;
  • Regional integration dynamics and role of customs (UEMOA, ECOWAS AND ZLECAF);
  • A review of customs economic regimes ;
  • WCO security program (axes, interests and implementation strategy by Bissau-Guinean customs);
  • Customs’ intelligence;
  • Foreign exchange regulations;
  • Customs’ surveillance;
  • Customs’ economy Organization and operation of customs clearance units;
  • Customs’ clearance procedures (from disembarkation to collection);
  • Identification and recognition of narcotic products;
  • Targeting and behavioral analysis of passengers;
  • Methodology of controls and investigations;
  • Visit of means of transport.

The training is provided by Senegal Customs’ officials who are also trainers at the Customs’ School, headed by Training Department. Among them we have: Lieutenant-Colonel Jean Christophe DIATTA, Head of the Criminal Investigations and Narcotics Office (BICS), Commander Pierre SYLVA, Head of Visit to the Customs Office of Keur Ayip (Center region) and Lieutenant Djibril SANGARE, head of Brigade n ° 2 of the GPRRF.

This session integrates the bilateral cooperation between the two customs’ administrations whose memorandum of understanding was signed on September 30th, 2016 in Bissau. From then on several other operational capacity building programs for the Bissau-Guinean customs’ units have being held. Customs’ Administrations from both countries were supported in this initiative by the World Bank Group.

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GAINDE or the automatic management of customs information is a strategic platform of Senegalese customs, centered on the management of customs’ clearance. "GAINDE Integral" improves considerably the way of managing procedures. Thus people move from less paper topaperless or electronic processing,known as the dematerialization. This technological revolution in the customs’ Administration aims at great feats and better service for the public.


The ORBUS 2000 system is developed to make easier procedures of international trade by using electronic communication or exchanges. This allows interconnecting different stakeholders evolving in the international trade. The system is also based on technological infrastructure and a device of services.

The electronic payment of customs’ duties and assimilated taxes consists of giving to the economic operatorthe ability to pay the amount of customs’ duties from one’s work station, by charging an account opened in a commercial bank.