Become an approved customs broker

An authorized customs broker (commonly known as a forwarder) is the contact person for customs administration in the framework of customs clearance operations.

He is responsible for performing for others the customs formalities concerning the declaration of merchandise worth more than 200 000 F CFA, both on import and export

Who can initiate the process?

  • A company manager
  • A customs broker

What are the documents to provide?

- For a company:

  • A request to the Director General of Customs specifying the list of Customs offices requested for approval
  • The statutes of the company
  • A valid title deed or rental agreement of the place of exercise; failing that, a letter of commitment to comply with the provisions of Article 9 or 10 of Decree No 85-863 of 9 August 1985 organizing the profession of customs brokers.
  • A letter of commitment to respect the provisions of article 10 of the decree n ° 85-863 of August 9th 1985 organizing the profession of customs agent.

NB: In accordance with article 1 of decree 85-863, the company's purpose is not to

contain any import-export, trading or ship handling activity

- For the head of the company:

  • A copy of the national identity card
  • A birth certificate less than 3 months old
  • An extract of the criminal record (bulletin n ° 3) dating from less than 3 months

- For the declarant presumed:

  • A copy of the national identity card
  • A birth certificate less than 3 months old
  • An extract of the criminal record (bulletin n ° 3) dating from less than 3 months
  • A legalized copy of the customs declarant diploma
  • A certificate of non-conviction for serious infringement of customs legislation and exchange regulations, on behalf of the declarant
  • Work certificates showing at least 5 years of experience in quality from declarant to customs

- For a license extension request, provide:

  • A request addressed to the Director General of Customs specifying the offices of Customs requested for the extension
  • A copy of the accreditation decision

What are the obligations of the user?

To be a company with a capital greater than or equal to 1 000 000 F CFA

What is the nature of the delivered item?

An approval as an authorized customs broker.

What is the cost?


What is the delivery time?

The issue of approval is conditional on the deliberations of the Commission, which convenes on convocation of its president

What to do in case of loss or theft?

Request a duplicate from the Directorate General of Customs.

Where to go?

Directorate of Regulation and International Cooperation of the customs Headquarters.

More information...

Ministry of Economy, Finance and Planning

General Directorate of Customs


Address: Madeleines Block, Peytavin Avenue x Boulevard de la République



GAINDE or the automatic management of customs information is a strategic platform of Senegalese customs, centered on the management of customs’ clearance. "GAINDE Integral" improves considerably the way of managing procedures. Thus people move from less paper topaperless or electronic processing,known as the dematerialization. This technological revolution in the customs’ Administration aims at great feats and better service for the public.


The ORBUS 2000 system is developed to make easier procedures of international trade by using electronic communication or exchanges. This allows interconnecting different stakeholders evolving in the international trade. The system is also based on technological infrastructure and a device of services.

The electronic payment of customs’ duties and assimilated taxes consists of giving to the economic operatorthe ability to pay the amount of customs’ duties from one’s work station, by charging an account opened in a commercial bank.