General Director tour: Arrival in Ziguinchor

General Director tour: Arrival in Ziguinchor

On Tuesday July 27th, 2021, the Customs’ General Director, Abdourahmane Diéye began a tour in the Southern Customs’ Region. During this visit the following delegation escorted him:
-    the Director of Internal Control;
-    the Director of Customs' Operations;
-    the Director of Personnel and Logistics;
-    the Head of BRPC;
-    the Head of the Training Division;
-    the Head of the BSM;
-    the Head of the Equipment Office and the Assistant to the Head of the particular Office.


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GAINDE or the automatic management of customs information is a strategic platform of Senegalese customs, centered on the management of customs’ clearance. "GAINDE Integral" improves considerably the way of managing procedures. Thus people move from less paper topaperless or electronic processing,known as the dematerialization. This technological revolution in the customs’ Administration aims at great feats and better service for the public.


The ORBUS 2000 system is developed to make easier procedures of international trade by using electronic communication or exchanges. This allows interconnecting different stakeholders evolving in the international trade. The system is also based on technological infrastructure and a device of services.

The electronic payment of customs’ duties and assimilated taxes consists of giving to the economic operatorthe ability to pay the amount of customs’ duties from one’s work station, by charging an account opened in a commercial bank.