Fight against drug trafficking: A Record capture of 915 kg of Indian hemp at the Gouloumbou Unit

Fight against drug trafficking: A Record capture of 915 kg of Indian hemp at the Gouloumbou Unit

The Gouloumbou Customs’ agents, at the Guenoto Station, in Tambacounda’ Subdivision, South-East Region, a record seizure of Indian hemp was operated. They picked up 915 kg of this herb that kills on Saturday, April 20th 2019 around 15: am at the National 6, near of the above mentioned service. Wanting to take advantage of this hollow hour and thinking that officers were tired or torn by the heat, thugs, coming from Guinea Conakry, were crossing quietly aboard their "Yamba" truck AN 3577 MD, registered in Mali.
Unfortunately they were sadly mistaken about the adaptability of these Customs agents. Controlled at the level of the customs unit, conveyors opened the truck with cool heads by trying to deceive the agents’ scrutiny. The latter, imbued with the customs officer intuition, did not last in discovering the stratagem. The prohibited goods were in fact hidden in front of the truck like a double bottom. Thus, taking advantage of that moment, the driver and his two acolytes run away.
The seizure is estimated at 65 000 000 CFA francs. Goods and the truck had been isolated and the procedure were running. This capture made by Lieutenant Samba Doucouré DIOP and his men is one of the largest record in this region. The monitoring system put in place under the leadership of Colonel Georges Diémé, South-East Regional Director and his collaborators including Lieutenant-Colonel El Hadji Mamour Kandji, head of the Subdivision of Tambacounda, is now showing results. With this operation, the Senegal Customs are once again bringing their contribution to the fight against illicit source of financing, money laundering and all kind of trafficking that do not serve peace or security, stability even the economic and social development of the subregion.



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